Friday, February 1, 2013

The Tailor’s Shop

With the midday meal taken care of, and the dishes and napkin safely returned to the teashop, Cecily set out to finish her shopping. She stopped by the cobbler’s stall to pick out a pair of soft leather boots- now that the cold weather had set in, her feet were always blue and she needed something soft and warm to wear while she went about her duties at the shop. While she was there she found a pretty little pair of grey slippers that would go perfectly with Analise’s new winter coat. She danced a little jig while the cobbler’s assistant wrapped her packages in green paper and tied them up with string. Cecily thanked them both as she made her way out of the stall, and turned towards the tailor’s shop at the edge of the faire.
The tailor’s shop was Cecily’s favorite stop of the day. Full of colour and texture, the walls were lined with hooks holding garments, and shelves full of folded trousers and shirts filled the interior. There were hip length tunics of cotton and linen, twill pants, corduroy trousers, and shirts of silk, voile and flannel. There were even some vests of felt and hand woven tapestry hung by the door. Near the back were the coats and cloaks of woven and boiled wool, all in lovely jewel toned reds and greens and blues and browns, with a few mysterious looking black ones peeping out from the rack. There were heavy twill and linen skirts, some with embroidery borders running around the bottom edges, and aprons made of the finest linen were folded into a chest by the front. Hob even had a few pieces of silk velvet clothing- vests, trousers and a funny little tri-cornered hat made up of different colours. Cecily sighed over the silk festival dresses for a few moments before picking out some good, sturdy green and brown fustian skirts, a nice handkerchief weight linen tunic of light lavender, and a wonderful cloak full of pockets in a beautiful shade of chocolate brown, with a border of cocoa and cream embroidery.
Now her shopping basket was full to the brim, and the sun was slanting down through the trees as the afternoon turned towards evening. It was time to head home. It had been a wonderful day full of treasures and delights, and Cecily was glad she had come to the Winter Faire!


  1. How delightful .... I wish I could have gone with her ....sigh....