Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A magical life in words…

Isn’t it interesting how one little change can refresh your whole outlook on life?

It’s been so long since I’ve felt the need to write a blog post- but I’m back! It’s been a good year. Lot’s of sewing, cooking, crafting, gardening, and, well, living!

Let’s make a list, shall we?

Summer living:

Get outside! We joined our local Community Garden this summer, and I’m soo glad we took the plunge. Early morning planting, watering, and weeding is a lovely way to get some fresh air and sunshine before the heat of the day saps your lifeforce.

Salads, Salads, Salads! No need to turn on the HOT oven, just wash some greens, toss and enjoy. Curried Chicken with grapes and celery; Green Lettuce with apples and cheddar cheese; and Watermelon with Feta are in heavy rotation this month.

Staycation in your own hometown. Do some research and visit places you would visit on vacation- but in your own hometown. Look around you with new eyes, it’s a great way to learn about your city, save some money, and foster that pride of place we hear so much about.

Stay hydrated! Drink more water (carry it with you everywhere you go!), eat more fruits and veggies (apples for snacktime, watermelon for dessert!), slather on the sunscreen, treat yourself to a dip in the pool(or ocean!). This time of year it’s easy to miss those 8 glasses of water a day, get a little too much sun, and end up with parched, pink, blistery skin and frizzy hair. Take care of yourself and take an (iced) Tea break.

Visit your local Public Library- you know that long list of paperbacks you’ve been meaning to pick up? Look for them at the library! It’s free, a great place to make new friends (and hang out with old ones!), connect with your community (look for the community bulletin board- lots of places post in the library), and THE place for finding a good book! Take a stack home to browse through for crafting ideas for the kids, new recipes for summer lunches, decorating the perfect summer retreat in your bathroom, or even find the perfect beach book!


Tasha staying cool in the garden this summer- gotta keep an eye out for those marauding Faeries mamma!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Vision of Spring

The fifth day of March- and we find ourselves on the doorstep of Spring. The Vernal Equinox is a few weeks away, that moment when day and night are equal in length. Then, the Earth will tilt over onto our side of the hemisphere, and the days will get longer, brighter, and warmer. Nature will wake up from her long winter’s nap, and eggs, milk and fresh vegetables will appear in the farmers markets once more, we’ll hear baby birds up in the trees, and the local zoo’s and gardens will tempt us with visions of baby animals, butterfly exhibits, orchid and tulip shows.

It’s easy to forget the “processes” of nature when you live in a year round climate. Pictures of snow and ice don’t bring home the reality of weather so much as actually experiencing it does, which is why so many of us travel up into the hills at this time for a day in the snow. It’s also a great way to delight the senses and go up for a day of spring- the fresh, cold nippy air, warmed by springs first rays of sunlight, so that it’s still cold in the shade if one gets a little too much exercise hiking up those brilliant green hills. A day of listening to natures chorus of birdsong, frogs ribbeting, hawks and ravens talking over the daily gossip goes a long way to banish the noise of traffic, schoolyards, and emergency sirens of the daily grind the rest of the time.

A few other events happening this month:

Daylight Saving Time happens on Sunday the ninth- don’t forget to set your clocks forward! After doing a little research on the topic, I’m still not convinced it is a good thing as it upsets everyone’s internal clocks so terribly, and it plays havoc with school and business schedules, but apparently it has been done several times throughout our history of civilization- even the Romans had a form of it at one time!

St. Patrick’s Day on the seventeenth- ostensibly to mark the introduction of Christianity to Ireland, but it’s really just an excuse to celebrate the Irish, their food, heritage and culture! Taking a slightly different view on the idea, my focus is more on the old stories of myth and legend, with a menu of old country favorites like Champ, Brown Bread, Vegetable Stew, Oatcakes, Cheddar Cheese and Shortbread.

And lastly, it’s the beginning of Convention season again – ConDor hits this month, on the 21st , and runs the whole weekend long. A Science Fiction and Fantasy themed convention, it’s being held at the Towne and Country resort and convention center again this year. The costume theme this year is the American Revolution, and there is a Friday night English Country dance scheduled!

Hmm…the Faeries seem to be planning something elaborate for this month’s festivities- something involving Wigs, Clover, Clocks and- hey, that’s my copy of Soulless, give that back!

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014: Enter Spring!

Letters from the editor:

March, 2014 has certainly come in like a lion this year! The weekend started with a ferocious rain storm- lots of wind, lashing rain, cloudy skies, dark afternoons- it was wonderful! Coupled with a lovely morning of library book sales, second hand book stores, a light lunch at our favorite organic spot, and a whole afternoon of puttering, cooking, and cleaning, it was a glorious beginning to this last month of winter, the prelude to Spring.

The Vernal Equinox hits around March 20th this year, on a Thursday no less! However, it feels as if Ostara has come early in my part of the world, with warm days, no rain and the flowers, trees and even the birds convinced it’s Spring already! I’ll be glad for the time change this Sunday- Daylight Savings hits this month, and not a moment too soon. It’s also St. Patrick’s Day in a few weeks, so I’ve planned a menu of Irish favorites to share with you.

I’ll be crafting a breath of fresh air this month with some new linens, and the garden will be spruced up after the latest rainstorm, with possibly a few new additions out there as well. A sightseeing trip to an old neighborhood favorite; a bit of an in-depth look at my favorite springtime faeries; and a little redecorating/reorganizing of a few spaces will round out the goings-on in this space, with the month finished out by the next “chapter” in my little story experiment. I am quite enjoying this new format- it’s been flowing along nicely, and I’ve found it a lot easier to sit down and actually write for a change. Thank you for joining me here, at the Magickwyrds Journal- I look forward to your comments, suggestions and opinions!