Friday, February 8, 2013

Aubry the Innkeeper

Aubry walked into the Inn’s kitchen and sat down at her desk under the window to make the weekly shopping list. It was Wednesday, the middle of the week, and all the guests had left but one. She had set the little maid to airing the rooms and let Cook know that dinner would be light today, just the maid, herself and the last guest, since Aubry would be in town all day doing the shopping. Taking out a pencil nub and a fresh sheet of thick paper, she set to work.

Flour, salt and sugar- although they liked to use their own honey from the beehives out in the garden, it was close to the end of winter, and their stock was low. Plenty of root vegetables; carrots, potatoes, turnips, yams, beets, and parsnips for certain. She would keep an eye out for anything new that might be in for Cooks’ wonderful meals of stews, bakes, mashes and salads. Salads! That’s right, Cook had asked for some greens to round out the lettuces and herb tops she used in her lunch offerings. Aubry took out her master list while she mentally reviewed the pantry. Another bag of dried beans perhaps, and some rolled oats for the morning porridge. The rice was holding out, and the lentils were fine, so she looked over the rest of the supplies.

Dried herbs for the floors- she liked to strew the straw floor in the dining room with herbs to discourage uninvited “guests”, and it made the close winter air fresh and clean smelling. More chamomile soap – she still had plenty of the rosemary. A length of linen to make a new table runner perhaps, and some new mugs to replace the ones that were broken at the WinterTide Feast. She shook her head in consternation- she ran a nice establishment, not some rowdy Pub! Mayhap this year she should think of taking bookings for the meal, instead of allowing the room to be overrun with revelers.

Aubry went to the cellar to check the wine stock and discovered that the cider was running low; she would have to arrange for delivery of two more barrels, and the mice had opened the cork on some of the bottles. Hmm...It would seem they had a preference for the blackberry cordials! She sighed softly to herself then gathered them up and took them to Cook. Maybe she could save them. She added two bottles of cordial to her list and went to fetch her purse, shawl, market basket and, after checking outside, her galoshes. Brrr! This was going to be a cold and wet trip!

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  1. I am enjoying the attention to detail. It also seems like it is supported by culinary and crafting research that adds authenticity to your fictional setting. Thanks for the weekly tales of whimsy.