Monday, February 11, 2013

A Winter’s Tale

Wasn’t that fun? I had a wonderful time writing those stories, and it was really good practice for me. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a tale to tell- next I want to do a dialogue scene. But for today I thought I check in and give you all an update on what I’ve been up to lately, besides writing children’s stories…

This month I decided to try a new pattern making technique- taking a pattern from an existing garment. How does it look?

green tunic blog

The green tunic is the one I made- and yes, it’s very large, inside out and only basted together, but I’m very happy with it! It fits! I’m enjoying the process and learning a lot as I go through the steps. And all my thrifted sewing books are coming in very handy- I’ve already looked up assembling sleeves, plackets, cuffs, collars and seam finishes (although that’s getting ahead of myself- it’s not at that stage yet!) Very exciting…

february garden blog 2

There is new life again out in the garden- I gave it a good cleaning last week. Sweeping and dead-heading and a good feed brought most of the plants back to life. I’ve discovered liquid seaweed fertilizer, and I must say it’s easier and gives better results than the powdered stuff I was using. Almost everyone out there needs a new, bigger pot this year, so I’ll be making a trip to the garden shop soon…

february garden blog 1

The kitty grass had to come out- kitties love it, but their stomachs do not! Ahem. The Buddleia is not really doing it for me (they have no smell! And the hummers didn’t much care for it anyway), so I’ve decided it must come out. The red rose turned out to be a Hybrid Tea- which means there is only ever one single bloom on the thing at a time, so he’s coming out too. After I made that decision I took a good look at what else was going on out there and made an actual plan for this spring. Can’t wait til it warms up so we can buy some new plants!

kitchen herbs blog

Speaking of…yes, we brought home some new herbs- but I’m keeping them in the kitchen this time, they’re so pretty! Apple Mint, Tarragon and Lemon Thyme. Yummy- I put a pinch of tender thyme tops in my tea last night…Mmm….delicious!

So that’s the month so far- lots of sewing, a little gardening, and a new pasttime, writing! I’ll have a new chapter up this Friday, thanks for staying tuned! Now if I could just get those Faeries out of my ink pot…


  1. Apple mint sounds delicious. Good luck with the garden this year!

    1. Thank you! I can't believe it's our third summer coming up! Time sure has flown.

    2. Oh, wow, you're right! Time really does fly.

  2. The new garden sounds wonderful. Every season brings new life to the patio and your knowledge of plants teaches me more every season. And the Faeries are fun, too!