Friday, January 25, 2013

Cecily at the Winter Faire

Next Cecily stopped at the basket makers tent, it’s walls covered with baskets of all shapes and sizes, bales of reeds and grasses tucked away into the corners and rolls of floor matting stacked along the edges. She selected a few small woven containers for storing beans and grains, a new piece of matting for the hallway, and then found a floor cushion that reminded her of Zachary’s resolution to practice his meditation more often in the new year. That was her second Yule purchase- and it wasn’t even mid-morning yet! This was turning into a very productive expedition. She asked Maude if she could have her things delivered to her cottage later that evening. The basket maker agreed, saying she’d have her eldest deliver them as soon as he’d had his evening meal. Cecily thanked her and moved off to her next stop, the farmer’s stall.
Cecily hadn’t been able to dry enough grass seeds to last the whole winter, much less into the spring, so she arranged for delivery of a few bushels to be delivered later that week, along with a sack of dried beans, and a crate of late harvest apples as well. As the farmer was writing up her order she noticed a new display in the corner of lace doilies and snowy white napkins edged with beautiful embroidery. The farmer’s wife helped her pick out a matched set for her friend Jeanette, and that was her third Yule present picked out that day.
By then the sun was high in the sky, and Cecily was decidedly peckish so she headed over to the food stalls to see what was being offered. The delicious smells wafting through the air led her through the maze of tents and stalls. There was such a variety this year! Carrot and leek hand pies, lacy potato cakes, cheese stuffed mushrooms, roasted nuts, freshly baked rolls, piping hot squash soup, baked yams- and the tea shop had even set up a counter with tea service to boot! She paid for a mug of hot peppermint tea and a toasty hand pie then found a place to sit near the village green. The bakery had their doors wide open to let all the good smells advertise their offerings, and the warm air combined with the sunny day made the space right outside their door a very nice place to picnic.


  1. I am truly entranced with this story cannot wait for the next istallment.

    LIKE for sure

  2. I'm enjoying this story too! (Also food all sounds delicious and is making me hungry...)