Friday, January 18, 2013

The Story Continues…

Market Day pt. II
Cecily loved the winter faire! All the colourful tents, delicious aromas, and all of her friends together in one place at once- it was a really wonderful time of year. She swung her basket a little as she walked down through the village to the market square where the faire was held, twice a year – at the beginning of winter, and in the middle of summer. Today was the Winter Solstice, and Cecily intended to stock up on Yule presents and some winter supplies. She took her shopping list out of her pocket and headed into the Faire.
Cecily went to the weavers stall first for some soft downy mouse wool, strong spider’s silk thread, linen cloth for new kitchen towels, and coarser sheep’s wool yarns that would tide her over for her winter knitting. While she was there she saw the loveliest grey knitted gloves that would be perfect for Celeste, so that was her first Yule purchase of the day.

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