Thursday, November 8, 2012

A rainy Fall morning…

From a high of 90* to cold,wet, rainy mornings- all in the space of a week, this Fall is behaving strangely, indeed! So glad I washed the floors while it was hot and dry a few days ago. Now it’s on to prepping dinner for the weekend (a Pot Roast, Indian Tacos, Lemon Chicken and lots of Mashed Potatoes! Oh, and a trial run of a new Stuffing recipe. Only it’s not going into a bird, so maybe it’s a Dressing recipe? Hmm…), making a Quilt Sandwich (it’s about time, I know), and lots of tinkering in the Christmas Workshop. I love this time of year, lots of new ideas flying around (some even landing on paper), tables strewn with half-finished  projects, slivers of paper, hanks of yarn, swatches of fabric and bottles of paint. Bliss!

horse hello blog

It’s hard to believe it was so hot last weekend, sitting here today with the rain coming down right outside my window, the chilly air making the house cold and brisk. That sweet face up above greeted us to Julian last Saturday, just as he has a few times this year- very quiet and curious, such a pretty boy! The trees are turning from green to brilliant reds, oranges and yellows up in the mountains this month- so refreshing! And exhilarating really. Our house in the city is on a bit of a ridge, so no trees around us here, just windswept streets with the occasional bush. There’s no shelter from the heat, sun or rain here- very different from our last house, come to think of it. That was more of  Hobbity-hole, all surrounded by trees, huddled under the stairs on the first floor. This place feels more of an Aerie- a windswept nest of Eagle people perched high atop a vast mountain…hmmm, she’s quite poetic today, isn’t she?

So- cooking, baking, cleaning, crafting, sewing and maybe even some Gaming to do today. Busy, busy, busy. Where are my Faeries? No time for dawdling today boys, there’s work to do!

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  1. I love the imagery in this post. :) Hope you're having a good week!