Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A change in the weather

I couldn’t help noticing the changes this week:

Daylight Savings is over- what a relief! The world feels normal again in the Fall- although clear dark at 5:30 is hard on little kitties…

A new President is coming up- no matter whose side you’re on, it’s easy to get caught up in the anticipation. (By the way- I love voting- we stay up all weekend long reading the voting packets and discussing what’s important to us. And we make the actual day a Date- we walk to our polls, then make a trip for Pie and Coffee afterwards! So Romantic…)

It’s the beginning of the winter Santa-Anas in Southern California- a very dangerous time of year for us, actually. The air is sooo dry, my skin is parched- and static electricity is after the kitty!

But there are some good changes too:

Thanksgiving is coming! This year we are spending it with family; I’ve got some new feasting recipes to try out (hello stuffing testing!); A few new apron patterns to make up; and since a brand new tablerunner was made up this Fall I now have an excuse to actually set the dinner table!

Christmas is on its way- you know what that means! The Pixies Workshop is officially up and running already. This years’ order list: Quilts, and Aprons; Cookies galore! (An official Cookie list is coming soon- I think I’ve checked out every book the library system has on the subject…) Dice Bags, and Pixie Pouches; I’ve even found time to start a few new projects just for myself, too! Hint- skirts are making a comeback!

Speaking of Christmas- I’ve been doing some Thrifting for presents this year, and am loving what I’ve found! No spoilers, but lets just say every girl needs a little Tea in her life…

One last thing before I get back to the Worktable- the Change in the weather has made an impact on the Flora around me…

fall colours blog

The mountains are so colourful this time of year!

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