Friday, September 14, 2012

I made this!

I should make this a regular series- things I made this week! It seems this was a very productive week. Getting the shopping done on Thursdays has been working out great- there’s food in the house for the weekend, I can get all my food prep done on Friday (and not waste the weekend with kitchen chores!) and I have lots of yummy things to eat for lunch all week long (so I have more time to sew, since it’s all made and ready to heat up!)

So, things I made this week- first up is a new Fall shower curtain!

shower curtain copy

It’s made up of a few different Morris inspired fabrics (love them! See the blue border? It’s my favorite), a little leftover green linen (that has been finding its way into everything lately! I keep thinking it’s the end of the piece, only to find still more in my scrap basket!) and a lovely green print I’ve had for a while. Great big 10'” squares pieced together, no backing- lots of ironing and hemming tho. And just a nice straightforward turned cuff hem at the top with the curtain rod threaded through. It’s shorter than I had planned because of that, but it works fine  so I am happy with it.  I am turning the scraps into a new fall pillow/blanky/bed for Tasha, because she asked for one:

tashas shower curtain blog

Please mama, can I have this?





So of course, I had to whip something up for her that very instant! It’s done and just waiting for a pillow insert. I am very pleased with how it came out, too. I pieced the scraps together and put some fusible interfacing on them to make them even more poofy (technical term there, poofy) them sewed them up into a pillow case form. Insert pillow, finish the seam and voila! Instant kitty bed! Or couch pillow, which is what it will turn into when she gets bored of it in three weeks, which is the usual around here. But hey- I made two things this week! Yaay me!

Now if I can just find a pillow form to fit this…

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