Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A change in the weather

Today is the first cool day we’ve had in ages! It was overcast yesterday, but still muggy and hot. Ick. Today is much nicer, so nice in fact I just had to go out in it so I reworked the entire garden this morning at dawn! It was so cool and delicious! Tasha has been bitten by something- her little cheek has swollen up, but she’s a trooper! Not a peep out of her, so I’m not sure exactly when she was bit, I do know it was yesterday evening though. But this morning she was right there at the door cheering me on as I swiped down all the cobwebs and spider egg sacks I could find. Yeck! They had to go- bugs can be beneficial, but not if they are going to attack my baby!

Once I had finished clearing out the detritus of summer from the garden, I decided to turn mine eyes to the overgrown mess that has grown up over the years here on the blog.The book is still coming along, I have to wait til we can afford to print the monster out, thought the design still needs some work. This week I am messing with the layout of the blog template itself, as well as the content a bit. Today I want to try and create a new labeling system. It is tempting to just open up a whole new blog, but I can’t bring myself to do it so it’s forward with the cleanup of this one!

And because I simply can’t leave just a blank post up, here’s a picture of my lovely little Teddy Bear sunflowers- they are so cute! And only a couple of inches high- I may do these again this fall if I can manage it…


What end of summer projects are you taking care of this month?


  1. Yikes! Hope Tasha's doing all right.

    No end of summer projects here...I seemed to have straight into fall panic mode. :)

    1. Tasha is doing much better, thank you! But, she does have to take it easy and rest, you know. That means three morning naps, help getting on the bed, more snacks in the afternoon, and lots of catnip treats! lol- but she does look a lot better- it never slowed her down! And yes, Fall does seem to have its own special kind of panic, doesn't it?