Monday, September 10, 2012


September…that’s more like it. Welcome back lovely September, gateway to Fall. I love this time of year: cool foggy mornings; crisp evenings; turning leaves; routines!

We had a nice lovely weekend full of comfy old familiar chores, chats over tea, furniture rearranging (love that!), and delicious comfort food. It was so nice!

I love rearranging furniture- swapping out this and that, discovering a new angle or a better fit for those. This time around was easier- the edits over the last few years have cut down on the extras and what’s left are the things we really love. The bookcases got moved around: the tall one is just perfect in the bedroom now! And I was running out of room for my cookbooks and sewing books on their skinny shelf, so now they have a new home. The dining room is my workspace now, so that got shuffled around to work better for me.

This all started two weekends ago when I gave the whole house a good turnout so that I could clean everything really good. After living with it for a week we decided we wanted the old familiar format back so we put most of it all back, after I wiped it all down and vacuumed the life out it and washed anything that could stand a lick of water. September really has turned out to be the start of the year for us, and I love making the house all new for the new year.

While we worked we talked about our summer- what we liked about it, what we didn’t, what we would like to change next time. It’s funny how traditions come about almost like magic, how they just appear on the horizon, “it’s almost time for that again!” Love that. It makes life sparkly and fun to have happy little happenings to look forward to, doesn’t it?

It appears to be “Ode to September” month on the old blog- but that’s okay, because I could sing its praises all day long I love it all so much. I’m in the midst of a couple of new (and old) projects this week: a stitchy piece that refuses to get finished, no matter how much time I spend on it, a new design for an actual “book” bag, and an idea for something someone around here has christened “Pixie Pouches” (cannot wait to do more with that one! Love that he’s so whimsical!)

And there have been a few Faerie sightings already this Fall- there might be an actual sighting in this space as well, soon…

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