Monday, February 27, 2012

Recycled Gardening

Not everything about gardening is pretty- lest you think I live in a paradise of Terra-Cotta, herbs and crushed stone, I bring to your attention today mute testament of the darkside of plants:
ugly gardening blog
The recycled container as seedling pot trick. This egg carton contains my new crop of Chervil, Borage and Chamomile. Each cell contains three seeds, with four cells per plant, in this case. The carton itself is falling to pieces already, but that’s okay. That’s the effect you actually want when using these things, so that when the seedlings get big enough for a pot of their own you can just plop a whole cell into one, carton and all. This one is just disintegrating a wee bit early- I’m hoping it will last a few more weeks!
The other container is a fast food salad container I poked holes into using a heated up metal skewer for drainage holes. It is working perfectly- it even has a lid that turns it into a miniature greenhouse! At the moment it’s holding our lettuce crop, which is starting to sprout already- yaay! I think the problem with the last two batches was old seeds. I planted these the day after I bought the seeds and they sprouted about three days later. Looking back on that week, it was a pretty quick germination, but at the time I was so nervous they wouldn’t sprout again! I’m keeping this crop a small one for the moment since it’s so cold outside- this way I can grab those babies up and haul them into the house whenever it gets too chilly for them outside on the balcony.
Did anyone else watch the Grammy’s ( the Oscar's!) yesterday? I love Meryl Streep, she always looks just so serene and happy. And Glenn Close! Her dress was just so beautiful! And I got all teary-eyed when the Prince of Monaco showed up with his wife- they both brought a lovely touch touch of class to the night, didn’t they? And when are they going to get Tom Hanks to host? He’s always so dapper and witty, and charming- he would be a perfect host for the Grammy’s (the Oscar's!!) Then again, Gwyneth and Robert have such great chemistry together, they would make the awards night fun again with their skits and banter. . .

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