Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Musing

This has been a very busy week:

hamburgerbuns blog

asparagus mushroom crepes blog

watercolour quilt edging blog

moss study blog

our mountain blog

drying lavender blog

sunshine kitty blog

Hamburger bun experimenting- taste really good, but they’re really dense!

Dinner rolls were awesome-

Asparagus crepes with mushrooms sauce were a hit- that made 5 new vegetable dishes this week!

Lettuce seedlings are in, and showing their lovely sleepy green heads as of this morning. . .

Chervil seedlings are in, but taking their time- did I plant them too deep? Is my potting soil too rough for them?

Borage seedlings are being shy as well. . .

Chamomile seedlings are up and taking stock of their little egg carton home! They are so tiny. . .

New dice bags are on the sewing table!

All the fabric for the watercolour quilt is cut out- now for some piecing. That’s the big project for next week.

We got in 2 walks this week! I made a pictorial study of the moss I kept seeing along the way on the first one- that was a loong walk! Then we hiked up the mountain on Wednesday- so good to get outside in the fresh air! It smells soo good out there this week. . .

Our first harvest of Lavender came in this week. . . drying flowers and leaves are making the house smell wonderful!

And of course, the sun came out in full force this week. . .

What have you been up to this week?

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