Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On time, and the ever expanding deadline. . .

It’s Leap Year, the last day of February- and I’ve run out of time. I didn’t have enough time yesterday to write a blog post- heck, I was too busy to even turn the computer on! Although, I am secretly proud of myself for that. Normally I am too busy to cook, clean, sew, read, brush the cat, et., etc., because of spending too much time on the computer. Yesterday was different. Today is, too- mainly because I’m letting go of a few things. Expectations, deadlines, I-have-to’s. Leap Year has taught me to cherish time again. It isn’t that there is more of it- there is, this year. But I haven’t been using it carefully enough lately. I keep finding myself lamenting the lack of a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. There are too many item’s left unchecked on my weekly to-do list for my piece of mind.

What to do when that happens- what to do. Well, I just happened to let some things go- and it worked. Voila! A sense of accomplishment- because I did the one thing I set out to do yesterday. Now, I know that won’t work every time- you can’t just not do what needs to get done. But sometimes, you can change your mind.

Sometimes, it’s better to just. . . let it go.

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