Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer's end

     Today, Wednesday August 31, summer 2011 has officially come to an end. The husband has gone back to work, the morning air has a decidedly cold nip to it, and there is a roast in the crockpot. Fall is coming, I can feel it. This year summer was rough! Good, fun, exhilarating, productive, and eventful...but rough. Starting the summer off with a move was stressful. We all (yes, even the fairies!) were stressed out, nervous, excited, proud and yes, even a little scared when the summer got under way. In the end though, we worked out all the kinks. All the loose ends of the move have been woven back into the fabric of our life. All the pictures have been hung; all the boxes emptied; everyone's treasures found and given new homes in the new place. The furniture got rearranged for the final time last Thursday.The crockpot is in full production, creating lots of meals for the coming month, and we have even found a new veterinarian for our kitty here in the new neighborhood. Turns out the stress of the move has finally caught up with little miss's tummy. ahem.
     Looking back on it all, this was the summer of gaming- rpg's to be truthful. Once again I thought it would be easy to find some time to play my World of Warcraft, but it turns out I was wrong. I did learn how to play Pathfinder this year though. Turns out I am a really feisty, bow-wielding elf! Who knew? Well, the husband did, actually. Glad he stuck with it and made it all happen. Unfortunately it was also the summer of there's-no-food-in-the-kitchen-let's-go-out-to-eat! err, which has led to the Autumn of the diet-and-exercise-regime. ahem. oh well, it was lots of fun while it lasted, eh?
     So, farewell to summer, hello Autumn! Bye-bye lazy Mondays, relaxing Tuesdays, movie-morning Wednesdays, all day picture hanging Thursdays and sleepy Fridays. Hello Autumn apple picking, cozy blanket knitting, Christmas gift making (yikes! christmas is only 115 days away! wanna check for yourself? go here ), Hello fall quilt shows, Christmas shopping (how'd that get in there again? ) and trips to the mountains. Hello fall baking, Christmas cookie baking (alright, all the faeries outta the typing pool! ) and heat-seeking kitties.
      Christmas, guys... really? I thought that was just an elf thing...


  1. With the end of summer comes the start of the school year and all the magic and excitment that entails. I look forward to fall walks and winter stews. It was an awesome summer of family, friends, and felines. But each year brings its own experiences and I look forward to them.

  2. Did I mention that I keep smelling cinnamon apples everywhere? And snatches of woodsmoke at the oddest moments...