Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time trippin'

     We went to Old Town again this summer. This time I bought some terra cotta pots, but ended up taking pictures of this...
The architecture of days gone by fascinates me. What materials were available to the builders? Why did they choose those colours? How did they build those chimneys?
Love that chimney!

I also got some pictures of their new gardens depicting the plants, vegetable, and herbs that you would have found when the site was first occupied. 

There are roses in there! I love that they considered roses a necessity to life, along with the squash and carrots. The park had three areas planted out, this next one is behind the Mccoy House proper:

That's a pomegranate tree in the back against the fence. Such a surprise to find one in a public garden!

The Mccoy House is a  funny little museum- the front half is a house decorated in period style (the frieze is to die for gorgeous!) and the back half is a life-size diorama filled with a timeline of the area, blown-up black-and-white pictures of people, a fully planked out general-store-in-a-ship's hold with requisite shopkeep (creepy), a saloon with a bar and saloon keeper (creepier) and a post office, complete with stagecoach times and waiting area, also with creepy attendant. This would be a fun experience around Halloween, I can tell already!

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