Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Faerie Gardening

     The faeries have a new venture in the new place. They said since I wasn't going to finish the Lady Mage's house- anytime soon! - (they are very bitter ) I would just have to share the balcony garden with them. ahem. (they were very firm.) So, that actually gave me the perfect excuse to try out some ideas that had been percolating since our visit out to Summer's Past Farms earlier this summer...
ignore the dirt- faeries construction can be quite messy.

      Out next to the tomato, beneath the camellia, there used to be a plastic container full of very obliging herbs, just waiting patiently for the chance to be a real herb garden. So this weekend I gathered some pots, dirt, and rocks, and with a little help from the cat...
CAT! ( the faeries again. Just ignore them, they don't really mind the cat all that much, they just like making a fuss...)
     We all got happily messy, dirty and a little wet making a faerie herb garden! There is a path freshly set in using wee little white pebbles- they will settle in after it gets watered a few more time out there. A small patio area in the back paved with some darker, flat stones, and a few stone outcroppings that the faeries snuck in when I had my back turned. When I turned back around I saw this- 

Tasha fends off the faeries.

All it needs now is a few benches, arbors and maybe a pond...


  1. I love it when nature appears in miniature, particularly when there is magic to be found. I'm sure the feline companion will just add the faerie garden to her daily routine. Here's to a happy fall season.

  2. That looks very cool. I'm glad it turned out!