Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Livin'

    It is the middle of August, the middle of summer, and most of us are at the end of our rope! The cupboards are bare, the kids are bored, the cat has given up and is sleeping all day any more. Time for a little shaking up, if you ask me. Going out to help someone else, just lending a hand, is a great way of alleviating your own stress. Just 15 minutes a day of some new activity is helpful as well. Go outside, take a walk down a new path, or at a new time of day. Shake up your routine a little and gain a new perspective- it will give you new stores of energy, inspire a new voice in your head; give you a new lease on life. The heat makes us change our routines a little that ends up being more helpful to our state of mind than we were previously aware of. The middle: it's neither the beginning- nor the end.

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