Monday, August 15, 2011


     Today I am making some new lists. Throwing out the old lists, cleaning out some old projects (that just weren't getting out of the idea stage, to be truthful) and clearing the cobbwebbs from this old brain of mine. Do you make lists? I love them- I'll make a list of the lists I want to make! ha! Today's list looks a little like this:
  1.  Make a new list
  2.  Write a blog post
  3.  Go swimming 
  4.  Start fall crafting ideas list
    We will see what actually gets done, but it's a good start to a new month of listing. Have you noticed the new format yet? I changed the layout a bit, weeded out the blogroll, and made a new about page! Also, no new pictures lately- what is that about? Well, I am the lucky recipient of a trial run/loaner of a laptop tablet computer this summer, which I didn't think would interest me as much as it has. It has made the blogging aspect of the blog so much easier, and much more fun indeed. I can sit anywhere in the house and type away, which has led to a lot more posts, design work, websurfing (ahem) and tons of new ideas begging to be put into lists lol. What isn't getting done is a lot of picture taking, uploading or blogging about, so no new pictures to go with all these new posts. oops. I wasn't very cognitive of that fact until today though, so I have assigned the camera toting members of this family to get cracking! so that we can have something to look at in this space relatively soon. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go put that on my list...

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