Friday, August 12, 2011

blogging is addictive!

I spent the entire day making two new blogs! Now I can hardly see- I've stared at a tiny laptop screen for hours on end. And now I'm in here again writing a new post for my baby, the original Magickwyrds. Funny how that works. I have set up a private blog here at Blogger for my friends and I to participate in an experimental book club- we'll see how well this works out. I took the new blog as an opportunity to fiddle with the layout, comment options, and privacy settings, among other things. Sortof a mini-blogger seminar for myself, taught by me- with a little guidance from the help forums here at Blogger.

Then, my brother and husband mentioned that they liked another blog host, so I set up a test site over there to see how I like it. (I can tell you after working with it all afternoon and half the night that I am not impressed enough to move any of my accounts from Blogger.)

So, I spruced my oldest baby-blog up a bit in the process. Spiffed up the layout, updated my profile page, and weeded the blogroll a bit, too. Hope you like the new look! It's my new back-to-school theme lol. It's about that time, right? New clothes, fresh haircuts, and an update for the blog. Now if I can just find a pretty new backpack, I'll be all set...


  1. I'm finding that the more I work on my blog the more time I spend posting to other people's blogs. It's easy to want to see an audience appreciating your work and you quickly want to show your appreciation for the work of others. I like the new look. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hey- thanks for the comment spacemage! I'm glad you approve of the new look. Good luck on your blog as well!