Monday, August 8, 2011

How easy it is to breathe

when you’re outside in the fresh summer air? We went somewhere loverly this weekend…

summers past path 

Isn’t it pretty? A pretty little farm-gift shop-café kind of place called Summers Past Farms. I went with my sissy and the hubs played chauffeur/photographer. Bliss!


They grow lavender there- and lots of it! It’s everwhere outside, in the sweet pea maze, beside the café, next to the river, around the corner from the chicken coop…


There’s a trellis lined, viney covered arbor that lets you watch the river that waltzes past with utter comfort. Next to some lavender, of course.

Then there’s the moon river bridge- that’s prince charming himself over there beside the pool…DSCN3566

Such a lovely place! The perfect ending to this crazy summer- today everyone goes back to work. Ah well, at least I have our next visit to the Farm to perk things up this fall, right?

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  1. It was a perfect summer afternoon with family and flowers. I would recommend Summers' Past to anyone living in the area. The photos were quite good, too.