Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Beginnings…


We’ve moved!


     It took a year to discover our last home wasn’t a good fit for us, and five long years to find one that is. Turns out all it takes is one plumbing disaster, 3 months of drywalling, and one incredible leap of faith.

     Our new apartment has less square footage, but way more space and sunshine! No more dark photos people! Case in point:


     We actually are done unpacking boxes, I just need to fit two minutes together to take some pictures of our new place. We love it here, it is a much better fit for our little family. Tasha has LOADS of sunshine to loll about in, my husband has a much safer area to bicycle in, and I get much better lighting to do my crafting in! And there are lots of other reasons too, but I will save those for later. Right now I have to go clean up the debris from the all-nighter the faeries pulled when they found out the Lady Mage’s House was back under construction…

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  1. Hi !!! Glad to see you blogging again. Needs some new house pics. :)