Friday, February 4, 2011

Mother nature’s Furies

The fairies and I had to stay in this week, as Mother nature had a major hissy fit and knocked down some trees:
Our apartment complex is very picturesquely landscaped to look more like a woodland park than a soddy old apartment row. Unfortunately, a lot of the trees used are eucalyptus, which isn’t the most sturdy of trees in the best of situations. Add to that exposed root systems, decades long growth, and the extremely high winds around here wednsday, and well- some of them came crashing down. around my ears-
This one landed right outside my front door- about 10 minutes after I went out to get the mail! It took a while to come down, though, poor thing. Lots of creaking, cracking, groaning, and tearing sounds that had a lot of use peering fearfully out our windows, wondering just where was it going to land? It was a very tall tree that came down. Thankfully, a tree-trimming crew was already on the property. Some smaller branches were being shaken loose along the sidewalk out on the street, and another tree tried to fling its branches at me as I visited the mailbox, but it missed and I got away. I think that was a little pepper tree, it lost half its branches. This one tried for me too! At least, it felt that way when I saw how close it had come to the patio:
It was a sad day in the tree neighborhood, let me tell you. They finally ended up taking the whole tree out, it’s neighbor, and severely trimming three other trees in the area before they were done.
Then they came and ground down all the stumps. With a machine. A very LOUD machine. They were at it for hours. ick. So the fairies and I stayed in and worked on tables, which is lots more fun than dodging flying tree branches.
DSCN2735 mini table top- isn’t it cute? I will show you the completed table at a later date- it’s not stained yet. I also think I may try and make it even smaller, the scale is a little off for my –ahem, our, taste. I’ve been informed that it would work maybe as a side table/banquet in the dining room, but it is certainly too big for the kitchen. Oh well, they do say practice makes perfect!

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