Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sewing pattern drama…

So, I never really paid attention to the idea of of making a copy of a pattern. I have read the sewing manuals for years, and my mind just glossed over the words “trace pattern”. I guess it’s something I thought only professionals did.  Nope- it’s something every good sewist should learn to do to save having to go out and buy the same pattern multiple times! I had been working on my early-twentieth-century costume’s jacket this month, only to discover that I needed blend two sizes together- but I had already cut the pattern out and lost the second size cutting lines! Bother. Lesson learned- the hard way. This is a picture of me learning my lesson-
do you like my pattern weights? made ‘em myself- from Beatrix Potter fabric no less! I love the children’s section of the fabric store- and yes, I use them for my own personal stuff, like weights, and purses, and blankets, and… ahem. Move along now, folks and leave the crazy-fabric-hoarding-lady to her business…

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