Thursday, January 20, 2011

This brand new year…

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Well, I love a fresh start, so here’s to no regrets, no excuses, and lots of new posts for this brand new year! This month I have started my first ever historically inspired costume- pictures coming soon for that, as soon as I get some batteries for my camera. On that topic- want to see what the winter has been like for us? Take a look:
monday january 17 walk in mission trails
Lots of rain, and wind, and cold, that’s what! But this week the sun showed her shining face, so we went out and braved the wet and the muck at Mission Trails park. The trail was washed out in a few places, and we got our feet wet, but it was so worth it!
monday january 17 walk in mission trails
It’s been so long since I have heard the sound of running water! The fairies are very jealous, they’ve been stuck inside for ages, they say. I’ve pulled the mansion out of her storage area, and dusted off the Foot and Fang too. Time to get back to outfitting them for habitation I’ve been told. Very firmly, too. Fingers-shaken-in-my-face-type firmly. Yikes! Back soon with an up-date on that quarter folks!

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