Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Trail Review

We have been waiting for this new trail to open up to the public all winter. It is across the street from our favorite library, and we’ve been watching it being built bit by bit over the last few months. And then, a few weeks ago, we noticed the yellow tape was gone, so we ventured out and found this:
It is a trail that runs right alongside a pond! This whole trail starts in an area that is adjacent to the local golf course, which you can see only from the highway, so it is rather hidden away. I had no idea there was water down there! We saw ducks, and water fowl, and other local birds playing in the water. We hadn’t gone very far, though, when we heard a sound that is very familiar to us, because we have lived for a long time next to open space canyon areas. What do you think we heard?
. . .
! ! !
Yes folks, there are wild animals living in suburbia, and they aren’t your neighbors. An ambulance was going past on the surface streets, with it’s siren wailing. It woke them up, we think- it was kinda late in the day when we were there. Not too far ahead of us through the trees past the trail a whole pack of coyotes started barking and baying and yipping and howling. Right in front of us! Hmm… needless to say, it was a quick walk that day. We went back to the car and hightailed it out of there PDQ (that’s pretty-darn-quick for anyone who needs to know!) It will be a lovely walking trail in the months and years to come, but the wild life needs to get used to the idea of humans around, and time to find a new neighborhood for themselves, too!
P.S- We are pro-animal rights in our house, which is why we left the area rather than make a stink about it. The coyotes will find a new home soon enough.

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