Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Foggy China Cabinet

I opened my photo files, and this picture jumped out at me. It's blurry I know, but it speaks to me right now.
And lopsided, and a bit over exposed, too. Arg! But it still speaks to me, in a melancholy little voice that moans a bit for the spot in the dining room that no longer exists. Do you do that? Move things around, change things out, swap furniture around? And then miss it horribly the way it used to be? Sometimes I really dislike change. Things move around here every few seasons or so, because it's a small apartment and heck- where's everything gonna go when I bring home a new t.v. stand? Or a worktable, or sewing table, or chairs? Hmm? So we move stuff around every now and then, to see what fits, what's old, and what just plain doesn't work anymore. That cabinet is now holding all my yummy fabrc in the study/workroom. And I love it in there. But this corner of the past was so loved by us, that I have to think of a way to recreate it somehow. It held our collection of childhood literature, some old, but most new/old- my Harry Potter books, his Dr. Seus, our grandmothers' collections of weird old Junior Classics and Thornton Burgess books. And our Tamora Pierce collection which I just can't live without reading at least once a year. Ahem.
Books- they're our life, our escape, our comfort. Are they yours?

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