Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sometimes mama, kitties just need their space...

Hmm... just ignore the sloppy bed. Instead, focus your attention on those ears. Those are the annoyed-at-mama-'cause-she's-taking-my-picture-again ears. Kitties need their personal space too, you know. Everyone does at some point, don't they? It's only fair to give it to them. We think it makes for a more peaceful home life, people and pets alike. Space to chill out, contemplating life and her mysteries; our daily choices; our actions and words.

Personal space isn't something that should be taken for granted. And it isn't always easy to come by. With the advent of "instant" communication via cell phones, emails, voicemail and even voicechat in video games, it can sometimes be hard to find a way to disconnect from the world and just listen to our own voices. Or to just sit and vegg, not listening to any voice. I have taken to watching the animals around me and learning from how they express their desire for space as a cue for me to back off, from them and the pressures of my life, and take some time to relax and listen to my inner world. This photo illustrates this concept perfectly. She is still my companion, and is careful to show respect for my feelings, so she quietly goes into the bedroom to find some peace and quiet- which does not necessarily exclude me, but allows me to identify her need for a quiet moment in the middle of her day. And to hie myself off and leave her to her business, which on this day is a very important, long-delayed 9 a.m. nap. Ahem. Sorry baby. I'll just be over there, in the other room. You take all the time you need, little buddha.

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  1. Kitties are just the perfect companions to watch for advice on how to deal with the modern world. If it isn't fun, friendly, or interesting, then ignore it and go take a nap! A pretty great philosophy if you ask me.