Monday, November 1, 2010

All turkey, all the time...

While goblins and witches traipsed past our house (where, or where have all the trick-or-treaters gone?), this was peering at them from the fence:
we brought them inside before they could get too chilled from the icy shoulders of the costumed revelers streaming past to the fair up the street.

Nowadays, parents seem to take their kids to an organized function, rather than expose their kiddlings to the vagarities of society around here. Sigh. It makes for a rather lonely Halloween. We didn't even have one single pumpkin casuality in the neighborhood that I can see. Which, I suppose, is rather a good thing for the pumpkins...

And so, on to November! Already we have made turkey chili, and asian turkey meatballs are tucked away into the freezer for sanity-saving-non-thanksgiving-flavors later in the month. But around here, November is All-Turkey-All-The-Time month. This is the month I get to go all out, and experiment with recipes to my little heart's content! Stuffing vs. dressing, homemade green bean casserole, sweet potato biscuits, gravies galore, and cranberry sauces-chutney-relish-and jellies. Yum. Bring it on, I say. Bring it ON!

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  1. I agree with you about trick-or-treaters. It seems like there's fewer every year.

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