Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September- new month, new year

Temcula Quilt show 2009
September for us is the start of our year. The end of summer, falling leaves and the chill bite of Autumn's arrival are all so yummy! We view it as the turning of the year, and embrace it. Autumn is my favorite time of year, and the start of my husband's work year. I am putting summer away this morning, and thinking about how I want to welcome the fall. How soon can I smuggle pumpkins into the house? When do the blankets come out of the closets? Research begins as I search for soup and stew recipes both old and new. Thanksgiving must be planned out, Christmas lists begun. I love it, but my husband chuckles when he spies me camped out on the sofa with my cookbooks spread out across every table in the house. Yes, it's that time of year again!

September is also the start of the quilting season for me. I have just found my love of quilting these past few years. I had an injury that kept me from a semester of school a few years back, so my husband offered to take me to the local quilt show- and we were hooked. I was surprised that he was so fascinated with them also, but he thinks they are beautiful works of art, and likes to investigate new sources as much as I do. So this fall we have plans to attend two of them, the San Diego Quilt Convention  and the Temecula Old Town Quilt show in October. And I even discovered a new quilt shop here in town, the Cozy Quilt Shop over in La Mesa. It's so perfect! I want to move right in. It's in an old 20's cottage, complete with wood floors and dark wood trim. Bliss. Can't wait to get back there, they even have quilting and rug hooking classes...hmmm, I wonder if the Faeries will go for a Country Primitve decorating scheme for christmas...

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