Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two books this week. I have been reading Mercedes Lackey's The Gates of Sleep again, and am inspired by the Aunt's and Uncle's farmhouse. Not the actual building per se, but the style of the interiors. So, I went to the library to find some resource materials and found this:

The faeries are ecstatic. They immediately dragged the book into the workroom and started marking their favorite pages... needless to say, every page has a sticky on it. Personally I am very intrigued by the wallpaper friezes and started looking for images online, which has proved very promising. For the outside, however, I am torn between a creamsicle - pink - white colorway, and a more foresty green - buff - brown variation. I am sure the faeries will find a way to let me know their preferences...

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  1. We are moving artwork around our house this week, trying to give the creative spirits new inspiration. After carving out a home office in the dining nook and moving the cat's favorite chair back into the living room, the energy was much improved. Nevertheless, the cat is a bit put out by the lack of hiding spaces left in the closet.