Friday, June 18, 2010

Flibberty-gibbit !

I have been informed that the house is "much too small, miss". It would seem there's not enough room for the kitchen they have planned, and where, exactly, is the greenhouse to be located? Not to mention the library, stables, workroom, still room, wine cellar and the guest bedroom? ah... did they say stables? Aren't faeries a bit too, err... well, that is to say, aren't horses a bit, um - large? At any rate, I can see some arrangements are going to have to be made. I do have to agree with them that this:
is going to be a difficult fit for a troop of faeries to fit all their gear into, and find space to practice the "magical arts" as they put it. So i've purchased a second kit and will be modifying it a bit to suit their needs. The first retrofit will be the front door area. The back of the house won't need a double door entry, i've been informed, unless that's where i'm planning to put the stables?

ah, that'd be a no. So, i'm off to fix the doorway problem. I suspect the hinge area seen in the picture above can easily be filled in and a new door fashioned to provide a much simpler back-porch vibe, natch? Cheerio!

...did I mention they're English Faeries? I'm not, but their accents are terribly catching! Must be why I felt impelled to watch "Emma" three time last week...

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  1. I only hope that the faeries won't kick out their fey kittens because of a lack of space. There is often a competition for the milk and honey that can turn ugly if all parties are not treated to equal portions.