Thursday, June 24, 2010!

The new doorframe is completed, and just in time. I caught one of the faeries trying to move a horse into the dining room this morning, tack and all. When she saw the new doorway, she just shrugged her shoulders and disappeared- hopefully not in a huff! Here's how the new doorframe looks:

The house on the right is the new addition, it will be the back of the house. Its' front door is the modification- I filled in the holes in the corners with punch outs and wood glue, let them dry, then sanded them down with fine sandpaper. Now I'm thinking of doing it to the front doors, too. We'll see. In the meantime, I have to take the addition apart to proceed with the rest of the mods. The frameout for the french doors that will lead into the greenhouse has to be cut, the greenhouse itself also has to be made, then I have to make the staircase narrower. I actually like the stairs that come with this kit a lot, they go together quickly and are pretty sturdy little things. I am enclosing them in a wall though, so they need the outside edges taken off. I'll have pictures of that next week. For now, the faeries are happily poring over the websites I found making their choices for the interior decorating schemes. They are of two camps about the idea: one still swooning over pinks and oranges, the other demanding greens and browns. Hmm.. a creamsicle, or boys club? Choices, choices...

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  1. I often have to politely ask the faeries to keep their horses off of my back deck. The cat doesn't respond well to flower caravans because they occasionally block her sunshine in the morning when she takes her first nap of the day. As for the house, I hope the French doors open onto a garden. Roses are particular favorites of the fey, or so I've heard.