Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Photography Lessons

After seeing the phone picture on the blog earlier this week, I decided to spend some quality time with my Good Camera- I need some practice anyway. Here’s what happened:

tasha study blog 1

Tasha is not impressed…severely. I did a photo study of her for a few minutes- just sat in the chair in the hallway and snapped pics of her as she tried to settle down for her daily morning nap. A few more weeks and she’ll be able to move to that puddle of sunlight you can almost see on the floor in front of her- it’s still too hot right now for sleeping in the sun, even early in the morning.

tasha study blog 2

Yes, I should be working on the Camp Shirt, or my new knitting project (I picked up Knitting from the Center Out by Daniel Yuhas from the library yesterday, read 5 pages and whipped out my stash and started knitting furiously at 9 o’clock last night, much to the amusement and dismay of everyone else in the house- mama’s not turning those lights out anytime soon!), but I wanted to capture the progression from total alertness (what are you doing mama?!) to sleepy-contentedness that is a cat seduced by the warmth of Fall Sunshine…

tasha study blog 3

I love that her foot hasn’t moved an iota as those eyes slowly succumb to the warmth and stillness of the morning around her…

tasha study blog 4

It’s been too long since I’ve made her the focus of the day. My little sunshine girl.

Then I left her to get some much needed sleep (ha-ha, her second nap of the morning!) and turned my “eye” to the garden:

october garden blog 1

Um…oh, my. Goodness Gracious, that’s a dirty, lifeless, tired and worn-out little garden, isn’t it? Summer out here on the edge of East County really takes a toll on these little green souls. The camera is helping me really see the individual plants, rather than the overall greeness I usually see…

october garden blog 2

Not too mention all the fallen leaves, dirt, and spider webs…

october garden blog 3

There is one bright spot however- this little corner of lovelyness! The Aloe has definitely survived my hack-job of a repotting from last year, and that lovely fernyish plant, too! It’s a volunteer that I think came with the Aloe when it was but a teeny-tiny-itty-bitty 4 inch starter plant. It has been growing quite contentedly in this pot through transplants, moving locations, drought conditions (ahem) and over fertilization. (and under fertilization as well…found a chore for tonight!) and I love it’s delicate, leafy fronds and cool-green colour. Perfect for a Woodland Fall, too!

Now, as long as the Faeries don’t decide to chop it down for a Woodland Campfire, we’re golden…


  1. I love the pictures of Tasha! She's so adorable.

    1. Thank you! As you can see, she worked really hard at posing...