Monday, October 14, 2013

A weekend of Fiber Fun

This past weekend was a complete win! We had soo much fun going to Craft Shows, making two library visits, doing some cooking, some crocheting, and lots of kitty sittin’. Here’s the lowdown:

vista fiber fiesta blog

Funky little pictures from my cell phone- ahh, it’s a new millenia at last! Talk about cliché- please excuse the poor picture quality on these next few shots. This is the Weaving Barn out at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum, up in Vista California. It’s full of weaving looms of all sorts and sizes! We went to the Vista Fiber Arts Fiesta Saturday afternoon, and it was a bit like finding a whole herd of my people, all just hanging out doing our thing! Sheer Bliss. I discovered a new fascination, too:

fiber fiesta loom blog

I wish I had gotten some better pics, but didn’t ‘cause I was too busy wandering around with my mouth hanging open, drooling over all the yarn, wool, knitting needles, yarn bowls, patterns, drop spindles, Spinning Wheels, and Looms…

(Santa has a bit of a quandary this year- our place is a bit too wee for a full-size spinning wheel, much less a yarn swift, winder, drum carder, loom or space to store a sheep's worth of wool, ahem…)

It’s not just all fun and games around here, though- I did get some work done on the Camp Shirt:

brown shirt blog

That is the Shoulder Seams put in, Collar attached (twice- the first go was a bit too wonky, even for a first draft. And no, I didn’t re-do it, I just trimmed it down and sewed it again.) Oh, and the Pocket is on. I did line that, but I’m still not happy with the way it looks. Next up is attaching the Front Facings. It’s going really well, now that I go slow and don’t try to knock these projects out all in one day it’s a lot more fun to sew again!

Now if I can just convince those Faeries they are tailors, maybe I could get them to finish it for me…

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