Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to be a Witch for Halloween

Happy Halloween! Amazing, isn’t it? How quickly October flew by… This month saw cold, windy days and hot, dry days and even a little bit of rainy, cold, foggy days! (It’s rare to have a cold October in this part of California- normally it’s blisteringly hot and dry and extremely incendiary this time of year around here…)

How to be a Witch for Halloween- hmmm. I’ve dressed up for Halloween as either a Black Witch, a Black Pirate, or a Black Vampire for many, many years, so this year I wanted something a little more…lighthearted:

blog halloween 1

I like it so much, I may just wear this outfit around for the rest of the year! Mustard tights from Target, Black old-timey heels and burgundy sweater from Khol’s, green long sleeve perfect tee and stripey skirt from Old Navy. The Tree Skirt is my own creation from years back (which I love and wear several times a week this time of year!)

Here’s Tasha’s costume:

Blog tasha

She’s going as “a kitty napping in the sunlight”. Which is what she dresses up as every year, but hey- it works, so why change it momma?

Now, I don’t want to freak anyone out- but there has been an actual Faerie sighting recently…

Want to see? I think I captured her on film:

blog dolls

She has just flown in for the Yule season (which, I’m told, is twice as long in Faerie-Land as it is here in the mundane world. Hmm…) and is expecting her luggage any day now.


And here I thought that creepy feeling on the back of my neck was from watching too much Ghost Hunters…I’ve got a bad feeling about this! Just how much Luggage can one Faerie have?

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