Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer’s End

This summer turned out to be a magical time for us this year, spent outside, with friends and family, sprinkled with a few good movies, lots of yummy food, and a moderate amount of…lounging.

We went traveling!

rileys farm a

There is a tiny little community about 2 hours NorthEast of San Diego, up in the mountains of San Bernadino called Oak Glen. Beautiful high country villages, pine trees, and LOTS of Apple Farms. We visited Riley’s Farm last week, they do U-Pick fruits, berries, pumpkins- and Colonial America Recreation Tours, with the cutest little Public House you’ve ever seen:

rileys b

Real Pewter Mugs and Tableware! (That mug got so cold I had to use a napkin to pick it up!)

It wasn’t all fun and games this summer though- I spent some time cataloging all the crafting I do, drafting lists and getting everything in order for the grand opening next month of the Workshop:

blog bags a

This is just a cross section of some of the bags I’ve been making over the last few years. I’m particularly excited by the latest grocery bag design I’ve worked out:

blog bags b

Yep- I’ve decided to start production on Yule presents a month early this year- I’ve had some really good ideas this summer!

Hey, you Faeries better stop moving that lamp outta frame!