Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer vacation

This certainly has been a busy summer- I looked up and saw that I haven’t even had time to write a blog post! These past few weeks have just flown by (which is a big surprise, based on past experiences). After making a “Summer Schedule” late this spring I thought I had all my bases covered, but we haven’t even had time for the things I was making time for!!! Here's a brief look at my summer thus far:

party a blog

We had a Birthdays’ Party (for the both of us- our birthdays are one day apart), which included Mushroom Cakes (they were sooo cute! and tasted even better!); Chips and Dips; little Rolled Sandwiches and a Poked Cake (!!!), petit Croissant and hamwiches and a lovely Fruit Tray one of our guests provided (which was demolished in record time it was so good!)

party blog

We went to ComicCon as volunteers, and had a marvelous time!

comccon blog

This was the “floor” Wednesday Night- it’s the commercial part of the convention, and it’s only a fraction of the crowds you will find on thur, fri, sat and sun because it’s Preview night- this crowd is mainly the volunteers, vendors and exhibitors.

comiccon b blog

And this is the restaurant where we recovered every night- Con can be an ordeal, and you only survive by taking care of yourself! The Meyer Lemon-Buttermilk Panecotta is divine! And the Pesto-Chicken-Goats Cheese Pizza is the best thing on the menu- aside from the Gnocchi, which is okay but lifted into the divine by the mélange of yummy vegetables it’s served on…

garden a blog

This is a very tired little garden- it’s the end of July, and very hot right now- and only going to get hotter as the summer wears on I’m afraid. So, the feedings of Liquid Seaweed have increased to ever two weeks, the watering happens in the cool of the morning (so they don’t steam and wilt in the heat of the day), and a good cleaning is on the books for this weeked- I’ll take all those pots over to the side of the balcony and sweep all those cobwebs, dead leaves and dirt away and make it all fresh, happy and shiny.

garden b blog

On a slightly side note- the tomatoes and zucchini are coming along just…not very fine. It’s too hot, and the pot isn’t big enough for the three of them. We have tomatoes and zucchini, just not a lot of them. Once the harvest comes in I’m thinking of switching over to beans and carrots for the winter, maybe some lettuces too. Interestingly enough, the mint is going gangbusters, even with all the heat…

Then there’s all the movies, walks, library trips, dinners, crafting and game nights (yaay! game night!) that just filled the month right up to the brim with fun, activity, healthy eating and more fun. And so I find myself on the eve of August saying good heavens! it’s time to get back to work (thank goodness), offering a toast of gladness to a month of successful fun, frivolity, and successful endeavors- and looking forward to another month of all that and more…

hey, you faeries get offa that tomato- it’s not ripe yet!!!

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