Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wherein I learn more about Diabetes, and Make a Bag…

April 30th. The last day of a very crazy, busy, complicated, hectic month. I uploaded pictures this morning and came across all the things I did this month that I had forgotten about- I’ll get to those later in the week, but first a bit of an update:

I love Brown Rice! I don’t love Spinach anymore. Vegetarian cooking isn’t all that hard- and it’s yummy. But, I’m not a vegetarian. Mainly because… I love Asian Turkey Burgers! But not as a burger- just as a patty next to Pineapple Fried Rice (made with brown rice, of course!)

If you read my last post, you probably know what I’m going on about- if not, I just got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. It’s made life a bit tricky- but a whole lot more fun! Exercise has  to happen now, it’s not an option. (hint- I love going outside). And although I’ve read vegetarian cookbooks for years, now I get to actually cook from them, too! (turns out vegetables really are good for you! Who knew?) The whole testing thing is…um, painful, messy and potentially illegal (it is illegal to throw your used sharps away, but I made a cute little container for them (I know, right? She’ll make anything!)). But, I’m getting it all under control with the help of routines, schedules, charts and a whole lot of research.

So…I needed a little break from all that jazz yesterday, and after my morning walk I pulled out some fabric and made… a bag for my new water bottle! (‘cause I’m supposed to drink waay more water).

First, I ironed a piece wide enough to go around it (plus seam allowance) and tall enough to cover it top to bottom, set in a double turn hem (which is the top) and sewed it in:

bottle bag step 1 

Next, I folded it in half lengthwise (wrong sides together) and sewed one seam, bottom-to-top: oops! No picture of this step. But, it looks almost identical to this one, which is sewing that same seam, but turned wrong side out:

bottle bag step 2

which is how you make a French Seam. Last step is turning it inside out and pressing it well:

bottle bag step 3

and sewing a handle on to it:

bottle bag step 4

Then you stick a water bottle into it and go outside!

bottle bag step 5






And just so you know, this is what supervising looks like when it’s nice outside:

bottle bag tasha

The Faeries are out there, too- you can’t see it, but they’ve got a swimming pool and striped cabana with a bar off to the side there…

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