Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, and it’s been a month of cleaning up, clearing out, assessing life and implementing new strategies around here lately. I feel the need for a list!

I finally found a new doctor- Yaay! Who diagnosed me with Type 2 Diabetes. Ick.   Which has lead to…

A new diet and exercise regime. Yaay! Been trying to do this for ages it seems. Loads more veggies, whole grains and lean protein. It just feels so…right.

I’ve started a new quilt! The fabric gathering has begun. Pinks, violets, greens and light browns. Yummy!

Found a new Potting Bench for the wee-small garden at the thrift shop this week:

Phone April 2013 391

Yes, yes- it’s really just a T.V. tray- but it’s a glorious rich solid wood one, perfect condition- just needed a little oil and elbow grease to spiff her up! Lovely.

So…lots to do, lots to see, lots of places to go. Gotta get back into a daily schedule around here. Here’s a peek at what my mornings look like nowadays. Back soon with more tales from the Magickal side of life…

Phone April 2013 392

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  1. The potting bench looks really pretty!

    Good luck with the diet and exercise changes. I hope you're doing well!