Thursday, April 11, 2013

Poof! Like magic…

Et voila- instant quilt!

watercolour finsihed blog

Well…not quite. It’s taken two years, almost to the day. I got the idea for this quilt when we found this apartment in the Spring of 2011 (time certainly has flown!). May 7th, 2011 we were driving down the road, taking pictures of our prospective new neighborhood and dreaming of our “new” life. The walls and trim of this place inspired me to create a yellow, blue and white quilt- something pretty and light for the coming summer. Well, I gathered a few blue fabrics that summer, but time got away from me as I put together our new house, and next thing I knew it was Summer 2012. A double rotator-cuff injury was making it impossible to finish cutting out the rest of my fabric, much less finish sewing it all together.

watercolour1 blog  The first cut!





watercolour2 blog Big mistake sending them all through the washing machine- they just snarled all up, causing hours of cutting them apart!





watercolour3 blog

This is the first round of piecing- turned out I needed way more fabric than this!




watercolour4 blog

The first block- it’s a nine patch block quilt.





watercolour5 blog

The top sewn together- it was at this point that I realized I would have to put a border around it to make it big enough for our bed…




watercolour6 blog

Oh the difference a year makes- from April 2012 (above) to March 2013---->




I was able to gradually piece the top together over the last year, surprisingly. I don’t remember a moment when it became a quilt, per say- but I’m glad I found the time and perseverance to keep working on it. Tasha certainly has helped- whether forcing me to keep it out in the open because no one dared move her from its warm folds, or finding time to work on it in spare moments so she could “visit” with it (my life is spent in providing for the care and comfort of my kitty- isn’t everyone’s?). She just loves it whenever I make a new quilt- she considers them all her private property, running to claim them when they come out of the linen closets in the winter!

I’ve already picked out the pattern and colorway for my next quilt- making these is a bit addictive! This one is going much faster- maybe because I actually know what I'm doing this time around? I’ve done lots more research into quilting, since I started the Watercolour in general, but also just in the last few months. It’s funny how much more enjoyable and easy things are, once you get a few under your belt…

It’s a beautiful Spring morning here in the land of Magick. Let’s get started enjoying it, shall we?


  1. That's awesome! It looks amazing!

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome! I've really enjoyed watching it come together.

  3. It took a long time but the quality really shows. It is a work of art. Thanks for sharing the process with us. The faeries should be proud.