Friday, January 4, 2013

A new Idea…

Cobbwebb stalked down the trail, daring the woods to impede her progress.
No, no, no! I want a faeries tale!
About market day in the village.
Only it’s got to be Market Day- and it’s got to be in the Village Square!
Umm… who’s telling this story?
You are.

Well, go on, tell it!
I’m thinking it up- takes a moment, you know?
Oh, alright! I’ll tell it.
Go ahead then.
All right- I will! There was a Market Day in the Village Square.
Then what?
I hadn’t got that far.
Shall I then?
Yes, please.
Alright then. Once Apon A Time…the Village was holding it’s Bi-Annual Faire, filled with stalls and tents and tables and events and goods from all the crofters from miles around…

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