Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Well! That was just a wild and crazy ride, wasn’t it? Here it is, New Year’s Eve already- where did the year go? I’m glad I got to spend some of it here with all of you, sharing my makes and do’s. This last month just flew by:

christmas workshop blog

The Pixie Workshop in full swing! Well, there is another wing you didn’t get to see, all my papercrafting spread out over the dining table, but you get the idea don’t you? Paper, paint, glue, glitter…it was all there for a few weeks going full steam! This is one tired little elf, I can tell you…

christmas treasures blog

Here’s some of what I collected through the season, and got done in the workshop: Glass ornaments- Tigers and Polar Bears, and a lot of glittery Owls. Paper Sleighs and prancing ponies to match. One trip to Disneyland (decorated for the holidays- it’s our favorite time to go!), a bit of Birch paper that never made it to the finals (not every idea makes it to completion- I wouldn’t have any time to visit here if it did!), some mini cupcake papers in the seasons colours, and some mini gnomey gnomes for the Christmas tree…

christmas knitting blog

And finally, some of the Christmas knitting- a new frilly scarf, a pretty blue Pixie Pouch, and the raw materials for a few other scarves and bags that got made in the wee small hours of the days and nights leading up to the big day!

This has been an incredible year for us here at Magickwyrds, and we look forward to a brand-spanking-bright-New-Year with all of you in the coming year! From all of us elves, kitties, Faeries and Pixies, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

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