Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wash Day at the Quilt Show…

The quilt show was so much fun this year! It’s always nice when you get to share your interest with likeminded people, isn’t it? And for one whole day, Temecula turns its Main Street into a quilty goodness Festival, chock full of people who just love quilts! It’s over, sadly- but through the wonders of time travel and photography, I can take you there with me! Want to go? C’mon, the portal is just over this way:

temecual quilt show 2012 b

As we turn into the parking lot at the end of Main Street, I can already sense the excitement in the air! This is a beautiful part of the city, with all its wood and brick buildings evoking the Wild, Wild West. Then we turn that first corner and see all the people! And all the quilts! They really are hung everywhere, all around outside on every building:

temecula quilt show 2012 a blog

That’s “The Coop”, a really nice quilt store that is full of wonderful fabrics, quilt samples, patterns and books. I just love how the entire building is swathed in quilts- on the outside and on the inside! An interesting thing about this quilt show is that it lasts for only one day- that way the quilts don’t sit outside in the wet, nor do they get damp from the morning dew. But it’s fun to imagine it’s wash-day in the early 1800’s, and the whole town has hung their quilts out to dry in the early October morning sun. Okay, okay, yes- I’m in the middle of rereading the “Little House” series- how did you know?

One thing I didn’t know about before this year was that they also have a great Farmers Market every Saturday full of good things to eat, crafts and jewelry stalls, organic foods and even a few garden plants for sale. Oh! I am wishing I had gotten some of the small lavender plants that were out- they were so yummy looking! My hummingbirds could use a few more of those now that winter is on the way.

Hmm…all those quilts up there are giving me some ideas. Where’s that rotary cutter gotten to …

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