Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Weekend Review

I should have written this yesterday, but got sidetracked with all the yummyness that is my Fall crafting projects. We had a really good weekend, and I want to start reviewing what we do that is fun, works great, or just generally made the weekend a happy time for us. Here goes:

Gaming with good friends- we had a fun time Saturday, too bad I got sick and had to cut the day short.

Lunch at our favorite Mexican place, with a side of library time (I had no idea they had such good movies! Got the whole run of Harry Potter- it’s marathon time!)

An early-morning swim- we used to do this all the time, glad this little peaceful ritual is back, need that.

Sunday shopping in town- more of a browsing exercise with a delightful twist. Still need new Fall shoes, but found some great new pants!

And a good library run- always good to stock up on new ideas for browsing through during the coming week.

And last, but not least- some light housekeeping/ cooking a simple dinner/ sitting on the balcony in the cool evening air. Soo glad that Autumn is almost here- it’s been so darn hot this summer!

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