Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Doing the math

While working out the yardage calculations of my bag pattern I noticed something right away- the bag lining and inside pockets were taking up a lot of fabric- too much for the amount I had just bought to do them! I thought there would be enough to do 6 bags- maybe more, if I counted the fabric already in my stash. But no- I hadn’t counted on the bag lining fabric being such a large piece. It was then that I realized I hadn’t really looked at my pattern before, and I really had no idea the amount of fabric the pattern used. It will work out, because there is enough fabric in my stash to come up with the difference, as long as I don’t mind the pockets not being all matchy-matchy with the lining. But I wanted to figure out a way to make sewing bags more effortless, easier and less time consuming. I wanted to make a more streamlined process for myself.

I set the problem aside for my brain to work on while I went about some other “chores” around the house. Am I the only person who loves to rearrange cabinets? I found myself at 8 o’clock sorting through the medicine cabinet, tossing old shampoo bottles and setting up a first aid box, happy as a clam! Tasha had to come in to see what I was up too. She’s very bossy around bedtime- lights out Mama!

Unless it’s hot. Then this is all you get:

hot kitty blog

Too bad kitties don’t like cold showers!

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