Monday, August 20, 2012

Discovering my Process…

I’ve started a new project this week, and it’s making me so happy! I’ve gathered some of my favorite colours and fabrics and started a new round of bags. The prep work has never gone very smoothly with these, so I sat down and did some math calculations.

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Normally when I start a new project, I just read the directions and start cutting. Oh sure, I wash and iron my fabrics, true them up and slice off the ragged edges. And yes, I’ve done some research, poured over the internet and books for inspiration, and dug through my notes for ideas. But I don’t really think about what the end product will look like, and sometimes it seems I do more math calculations than I do sewing on some projects. So this time, I sat down at my work table (yes- the dining table! It’s a great big surface I can pile all my yummy fabrics on…) and made a list of all the dimensions. And that got me thinking of how new dimensions would look- but that’s another project, for another day (Tote bags! Shopping bags! Book bags!).

fall bags prep blog

The Crafting Machine at work… lots of new bags up there- just you wait! Oh, and here’s an update on the Faery’s House, I’ve gotten some work done on the paint job this summer:

faery house summer update blog

New window frames, and got the trim on the attic painted out- I’m liking, but not loving, the orange/green colourway at the moment, but I’ve no idea what colour to paint the patio/balcony railings. The Faeries haven't’ been very helpful- they’ve taken to camping out in the garden to escape the heat. I know because they’ve been having loud midnight pool parties in the pond!

faery pool blog

Looks so cool and inviting! So glad I made a “pond” for the garden- all the hummers come by for a sip, and Tasha likes to splash around in there, too!

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