Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Countdown Begins…

So, I woke up yesterday and realized he had one week and four days left.

I am sooo very glad I did all that planning last month! Because Summer is indeed here. And so begins the whole crazy round of wonderful summer things:

Monday Night Spaghetti Suppers-

Mad sewing marathons to finish the Mom’s Birthday Presents (one down, one to go!)

Crazy Hot days= watering the little garden that could every-single-day! Which means-

Making watering every day (got smart and make twice as much so I’m not filling bottles every single day)

Baking dinner in the morning, BEFORE it gets Crazy Hot-

Making double veggies for dinner one night, lunch the next day. Bliss-

Weekly Library Runs, which means-

Weekly Mexican food Lunch Dates . Our favorite place does the most amazing beans and rice…

Spending the whole weekend at home reading books, cooking lunches, and giving little miss some much needed cuddle time-

Rediscovering summer veggie dishes-

Discovering some new summer veggie dishes-

And a whole lot more to come! I love summer. What are some of  your favorite things about summer?

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