Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Faeries Holiday

I fully intended to write about the fabulous dinner I made last night with the leftovers from our Sunday Roast Chicken, but then I realized it was Valentine’s Day:


This is the Faeries’ Love shack- I made it a while ago when they were into their Rustic Craftsman phase. The mushrooms were from this past fall- they are so easy! They are just wooden drawer pulls, painted and sealed to give them a glossy shine. The path is rose petals, and the forest floor is a moss round from the flower arranging section of the craft store.

I’ve just been informed that the “forest” is missing from this scene, and if I want to ever see the cat again I had better get crackin’. Did I ever mention that the faeries are slave drivers? I had better go see what’s in the craft bins that could simulate forest trees- or I could just wait until they discover that “the cat” has gotten faster, and more bored, since they last tangled with her. . .

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