Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Faerie horses spotted at the San Diego Quilt Show

Yup. Faerie Horses were spotted at the quilt show this year. Don't tell the Faeries- they will be measuring for a barn in the back of the dollhouse faster than you can say "spit". Wanna see?

Three of them no less! I love this quilt. The colors are very eighties but with a nice pop from the orangy-pink on the left. I love how the colors all mix together from the background into the horse bodies and the borders. All that swirly quilting is perfect for the fantasy aspect, too. And those feet! swoon. Those slender and delicate legs ending in the donut-bun feet. I want to make one of these, but give the herd unicorn horns...

Here's another one, this time one of my husband's favorites. He was really into all the purple quilts this year-

Beautiful! Very geometrically balanced- it took me awhile to figure out the butterflies are log cabin halves. I know, I know- I'm new to quilting, what can I say? Just looking at them, trying to figure out how they're made is the best part of the show for me. Oh! And those tiny little body squares are just perfect. We liked how the contrast of the green with the purple wakes it up and breaks it out of cutesy land.

Ok. Ready for one last quilt?

I tried to bring this one home, but it wouldn't fit in my purse...the fairies were taking up too much room and wouldn't shove over. They were having fun hanging out in my zippered pocket, eating popcorn and critiquing the quilts. Oh, and stealing quilting rulers from every sales booth we passed. I told them to knock it off and just make some out of popsicle sticks. They got this glazed look in their eyes and demanded to be taken home immediately. I haven't seen them since we got home last saturday, but I keep hearing tiny microscopic buzzsaws whenever I pass by the workroom...

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